Wedding Stationery Trends of 2018!

As 2018 nears to an end (holy moly, it’s nearly Christmas already!) I’ve had time to reflect on various Wedding Stationery trends that I’ve come across throughout the year. Working in the Wedding industry has opened my eyes up to the many different types of ‘fashions’ lets call it, that are currently trending.

Working closely with excited brides and grooms really gives you a flavour of what is popular. Whilst each clients vision for their Wedding Stationery can be purely bespoke, there are always hints of trends that pop up in each design. It’s my job to help my clients decide on a design that best captures the essence of their Wedding theme.

With so much choice out there and invitation trends becoming fresher as ever which will lead into 2019, it can be tricky to make these decisions. The style of your invites can set the tone for your special day - everything from your Save the Date cards to your Table Plan, with a consistent look can add that extra luxurious feeling to the day. In this blog I share some of my favourite 2018 trends as well as those high ranking winners that hopefully some of you may take some inspiration from!


Like it says on the tin, sometimes ‘Less is More’ and quite often we see now that minimalism in Wedding Stationery designs can be the most elegant ones. I’m definitely an advocate for the ‘understated’ look. Clean, crisp backdrops are what it’s all about, matched with a modern and simple font to create that perfect classic feel.


A simplistic marble background can add that extra luxurious feel to your Wedding Stationery. Without being too over the top it can add a hint of extravagance to your Wedding theme. I find metallic foiling works especially well against marble designs which is another popular trend this year - a cert to impress your guests!


As much as I love a classic white or ivory card, it is no longer the only basis for a stylish invite. We are seeing strong, bold colours pushing their way to the surface now - shades like grey, blush, green or navy are extremely sophisticated looking and can make your Stationery really pop.


One trend that I’ve personally worked with on various occasions throughout the year is Metallics. Gold, Copper and Rose Gold foiling are the whole range at the minute - these warm shades in foil can make any piece of Stationery simply stunning. Let the Metallics do the talking whilst applying a modern simplistic design.


Your Wedding Stationery design can set the tone for your big day but lets not forget about our envelopes! This has been an increasingly popular choice for 2018 as they let you express your theme to another level whilst looking super fresh and eye-catching.


Bespoke monograms are a personal favourite of mine this year - if the Royals can rock it then so can you! This is no longer a thing of the past - they’re becoming a statement piece which provide a personal, meaningful touch. Check out this beautiful piece we designed incorporating the couples daughters initial also - such a cute and individual feel.


From reception/ceremony to personalised landscape sketches, we see hand drawings in Wedding Stationery becoming increasingly popular. A picture can tell so much and the uniqueness of each design can have a huge impact on your big day. The meaningfulness behind the sketches are what really bring the designs to life - they are perfect for that individual look.

So there you have it - my top rated Stationery trends of the year! There are of course plenty more out there but these are a few of my all time favourites that are sure to impress.

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