My first Wedding Fair experience, eeee!

The lead up to the big day

Last month on 3rd September 2017 I attended my first ever Wedding Fair in the beautiful Stormont Hotel, Belfast. It was simply awesome and probably one of the best things I have ever done!

This was something I had been thinking about for quite a while ever since setting up my little venture and a couple of months ago, I took the bull by the horns and booked myself a stand with the company ‘PerfectBliss Wedding Events’. I would highly recommend this company for any businesses looking to attend a Wedding Event within Northern Ireland; they took great care of me and made the whole process very easy!

Even though I had roughly a month and a half to organise myself for the Wedding Fair, I was still very nervous in the lead up to the big day being quite an anxious person by trait, however, I had so much support from family and friends that helped me to push all that to one side and start to actually get excited for the event. A bit of nerves and adrenaline pumping is no bad thing!

I had so much fun deciding and picking my props for my table to best display my work. I’m a bit of an Ebay hoarder so the majority of my props came from it. There were a few items I loosely picked up from local shops but I made sure to keep my resources cheap enough to stick within my budget I had set out beforehand in my handy spreadsheet. Yes, nerdy but necessary. I’l leave some details below for any of you that might be interested in where I got some of the items for my table :)


The day arrives

My initial thoughts setting up my stand on that early Sunday morning were WOW look at the amount of talent in this room! I was completely blown away and overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback I received from my Stationery designs. I had many order enquiries on the day and after the event which was fantastic. It sounds funny but at times I felt I could have blushed when people would stop and admire my work, I was so taken aback. Having sheltered my little baby of a business, I lacked a bit of confidence in myself which was amazingly overcome with the support and kind words from so many of you - not only on the day but after the fair was over!

The fair lasted from 1pm - 4pm which was a great length of time to get talking to a lot of different people. I must admit I was pretty shattered after the day was over and I must have drank a litre of water after as my mouth was so dry from all the chit chatting. I am so glad I took the opportunity to attend this Wedding Fair and as daunting as it seemed, I’m proud that I threw myself into the deep end.

I’m a stronger person for it and I met some amazing people. I would highly recommend attending a Wedding Fair event and for any of you reading this that are deciding on booking one, I say just do it, you have nothing to loose!

Chat soon

Emma x

My table bits and bobs

Mini Easels - Ebay (cheap as chips, something like £5.99 for 20)

Heart Table Stands - Ebay (under a £10 for 12)

Large Hessian Bunting - Ebay (under £5)

Pink peals and crystal gem stones - Ebay (under £3 each, bargain!)

Light up display box - B&M (£7)

Warm vintage bulb lights - B&M (£5.99)

Blush flowers and vase - Kindly stolen from mother!

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