The Beginning of Little Daisy Crafts

Introducing myself

Lets start this blog by introducing myself! My name is Emma Hughes, a passionate and enthusiastic graphic designer from Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland. Some of you may know me, some of you may just be finding out about me now by stumbling across this blog; either way, it’s nice to share some heart felt and eager words with you.

Several months back (almost a full year to be exact really), on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided that I wanted to do something different with my career. I wanted to extend my experienced design background and knowledge of business and merge this with my own brand to pursue my very own business venture. This was always something that I had loosely talked about but never really had a hard think about. Going through things in your life; struggles, emotions, opportunities, whether big or small, always seems to put things into perspective for people and especially for me. I decided that I was going to take a big leap and welcome myself into the world of entrepreneurship.

The early stages

Over the last couple of years, in my spare time, I would design and craft different pieces of stationery for family and friends. This could have been from designing business cards to developing and hand crafting wedding invitations. What started off as more of a hobby, increasingly became more recognisable with others and I began to take a strong interest in wedding stationery in particular. My huge drive initially was creating truly unique and personalised stationery but the most exciting part was seeing how thrilled different couples were with the finished products I had produced.

My confidence began to grow and grow and I was completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback I was receiving. I was particularly excited when asked to design a custom wedding invite that involved a hand crafted finish. Each design I created was carefully finished with extreme attention to detail and with an individual style, putting a personalised stamp on each couples wedding. This could have been from carefully folding a rich piece of satin ribbon into a bow to place on an invite to adding delicate flat backed silver gem stones subtly to a table plan.

The beginning of Little Daisy Crafts

Little Daisy Crafts was beautifully blossomed over the next coming months with a great push from my very supportive boyfriend, family and friends. Lots of designing, planning and organising went into the lead up of my launch. I worked extremely hard to get to the stage I felt comfortable with to share my new venture with everyone. I knew I wanted to give people an easy and straightforward way to be able to browse and purchase my designs so I decided that Shopify (having an online store) would be the way forward. On the 26th June 2017, my little baby that I had been protecting for what seemed like a life time to me, was finally live! The feedback and publicity I received immediately was a huge shock to me but very exciting all the same. I received my first enquires straight away and my first order by the following week - I can’t say enough how touching it is to have people love what you do!

I would like to think that Little Daisy Crafts reflects some of my own personality. I wanted to design wedding stationery that I love and that I believe people will engage with and love to; bespoke, unique, quirky and personalised. Hand crafting my designs gives my stationery that beautiful personal touch which I believe is how each couple wants their stationery to feel. I take inspiration from my surroundings especially. For example, I was just in an authentic log cabin last weekend with my family, in this remote area surrounded by beautiful trees and other scenery and my mind is already racing with new ideas for a new collection.

So there is a quick and simple summary of me and my business. There are lots of exciting things happening this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and have a lovely week!

Speak soon,

Emma x

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  • As an avid crafter myself Emma, I wish you every success in your new business ? Well done for having the courage to persue what you really love doing.

    Jacqueline king

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